Nine Overflow Tanks Installed in Dubai Project
2020/05/20  EN_上海伟德国际bv1946网址集团股份有限公司

At 11:00 (local time) on May 4, the last overflow tank was lifted and put in position in the trough-type power generation area No.1 of the Dubai Solar Power Project undertaken by Shanghai Electric. All the nine tanks have been installed on the site, securing the construction of the area.

Nine overflow tanks will be installed as key containers in the project's heat transfer oil system. Measuring 52 m long and over 200 tons, the tank has been the largest single unit for delivery in the project. Faced with government-imposed traffic control during the epidemic outbreak, the project team has tried every means and drawn up the most appropriate transportation plan. This not only guarantees project progress, but provides valuable experience for future equipment transportation.